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viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Los opioides efectan la evaluación del dolor abdominal?


Do Opioids Affect the Clinical Evaluation of Patients With Acute
Abdominal Pain?
Vadera, R & Sherbino R. Ann Emerg Med. 2009: 54: 126-127
Although opiate analgesia for ED patients with abdominal pain may affect physical examination findings, the practice has no negative influence on surgical management or outcomes. Opiate analgesia for ED abdominal pain at doses used in existing studies appears to be safe, effective, and humane.
Do Opiates Affect the Clinical Evaluation of Patients With Acute Abdominal Pain?
Sumant R et al. JAMA. 2006;296(14):1764-1774
Opiate administration may alter the physical examination findings, but these changes result in no significant increase in management errors. The existing literature does not rule out a small increase in errors, but this error rate reflects a conservative definition in which surgeries labeled as either delayed or unnecessary may have met appropriate standards of care. In published research reports, no patient experienced major morbidity or mortality attributable to opiate administration.