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Here is a great video summarizing hemodynamic issues in airway management

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lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

EM Updates

About EM Updates

"My strategy for passing the boards was to summarize Rosen’s Emergency Medicine onto flash cards. To continue to benefit from that work, after the boards, I scanned all these cards, typed out their headers, tagged them, and posted them onto a blog. This took 2.5 years and the 1412 cards are the first 1412 posts on EM Updates. Along the way I have accumulated pearls that I want to have access to during my clinical shifts, and the idea to combine the cards and the pearls is what is behind this project. EM Updates can be used to find information while seeing patients, to browse on a topic, or to act as flash cards for test review.
Putting emergency medicine information into categories is tough. The categories with a period in front of them represent information that pertains to cardinal presentations, e.g. the undifferentiated headache, the undifferentiated red eye. Below the cardinal presentations are individual diagnoses and other categories of illness.
The flash cards, which are identified by having a number in front of them, point to a page in Rosen’s fifth edition, which is on the bottom-right corner of the flash card.
Contact me with questions, concerns, suggestions, and especially compliments."
reuben dot strayer at mssm dot edu