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Here is a great video summarizing hemodynamic issues in airway management

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martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Test de drogas en orina

Practical Guidelines for Interpreting Urine Drug Tests
The Blue Ridge Poison Center Bulletin / June 2011
"Drug testing is performed in a variety of clinical, work force and forensic settings. These tests are utilized in preemployment testing, random testing (corporations, academics, military, government agencies, and athletic programs), post-incident testing (traffic and employment), criminal investigations, and healthcare (compliance, overdose, death). The goals of utilizing drug testing must be carefully considered. Misinterpretation of test results can have serious consequences such as job loss, inappropriate healthcare, criminal penalties, and disqualification/banning from sporting events. Yet, clinicians need to be aware that drug screens do not test for many abused substances. For example, recent outbreaks of new drugs used in abuse, such as synthetic cannabinoids (e.g., Spice) and methedrone (e.g., bath salts), will not cause such screens to turn positive."