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martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

Meningitis aguda bacteriana

Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Antimicrobial Treatment
of Acute Bacterial Meningitis
Matthijs C. Brouwer M., Tunkel A., Ven der Beek D
Clinical Microbilogy Review 2010; 23(3): 467-492
"Given the significant morbidity and mortality associated with acute bacterial meningitis in the United States and throughout the world, accurate information is necessary regarding the important etiological agents and populations at risk to initiate public health measures and ensure appropriate management. In this review, we describe the changing epidemiology of bacterial meningitis by reviewing the global changes in etiological agents followed by specific microorganism data on the impact of the development and widespread use of conjugate vaccines. We provide recommendations for empirical antimicrobial and adjunctive therapy for clinical subgroups and review available laboratory methods for making the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. Finally, we summarize risk factors, clinical features, and microbiological diagnostics for the specific bacteria causing this disease."