Sunday, September 16, 2012

Embolismo graso

What Is the Best E&M of Fat Embolism Syndrome?
From:The Hospitalist, September 2012 by Allison L. Smith, MD, Elizabeth A. Rice, MD, FHM

"With the increasing role of hospitalists in assisting in the management of orthopedic patients, their knowledge of fat embolism syndrome is important so that it can be included in the differential diagnosis of acute respiratory failure in these orthopedic patients.

Key Points

  • Fat embolism syndrome is a clinical diagnosis with a classic triad of presenting symptoms and signs consisting of hypoxemia, neurologic abnormalities, and a petechial rash.
  • It occurs most commonly in patients with single or multiple long-bone fractures, though it can occur in a variety of clinical situations.
  • Early immobilization of fractures and prompt operative correction reduce the incidence of fat embolism syndrome.
  • Management of fat embolism syndrome is supportive, including supplemental oxygen and fluid resuscitation.
  • Most patients with fat embolism syndrome recover fully."