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Monday, January 28, 2013

Beta bloqueante y EPOC

Continuing beta blockers safe during acute COPD exacerbations (Thorax)
PulmCCM.org Jan 24, 2013
Continuing Selective Beta Blockers Safe During COPD Exacerbations.
By Blair Westerly, MD

"Clinical Takeaway: While the study failed to show a mortality benefit, as the authors initially hypothesized, beta blocker therapy does again appear to be safe here in this extremely large cohort of patients. The increased rate of readmission with nonselective beta blockers suggests preferential use of selective beta blockers is probably warranted, which of course seems commonsensical. Furthermore, although outpatient medication data was not available for this cohort, beta blocker therapy should likely be continued in those patients receiving it as an outpatient, given the previously demonstrated survival benefit and the potential harm from their abrupt discontinuation, unless there is a glaring contraindication to doing so."
 Association between beta blocker therapy and outcomes in patients hospitalized with acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive of lung disease with underlying ischemic heart disease, heart failure or hypertension.
Stefan MS et al.Thorax 2012;67:977-84.

"Conclusions Among patients with IHD, CHF or hypertension, continuing β1-selective β blockers during hospitalisation for COPD appears to be safe. Until additional evidence becomes available, β1-selective β blockers may be superior to treatment with a non-selective β blocker"