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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Riesgo CV/GI con ASA

The CV/GI risk Calculator for ASA users

Universidad de Zaragoza. Instituto de Investigaciones Sanitarias de Aragón. CIBERehd (Zaragoza). España.
University of Zaragoza. IIS of Aragón. CIBERehd (Zaragoza). Spain

"Welcome to this website created to help physicians to manage patients who may need aspirin (ASA) for the prevention of cardiovascular events.
It is widely known that the cardiovascular benefits of low-dose ASA may be offset by its association with upper gastrointestinal complications, namely upper gastrointestinal bleeding.
This gastrointestinal risk is not uniform, it depends on the presence of risk factors and may overcome the cardiovascular benefits of ASA, in some cases. In order to reduce that risk, co-therapy with proton pump inhibitors and/or Helicobacter pylori eradication have been recommended in some patients. Since the number of variables affecting these risks and benefits are high, the choice of the most appropriate therapy for any individual patient may become difficult in clinical practice.
This ASA CV/GI risk calculator provides therapeutic recommendations to physicians based on the best estimations of risks and benefits of the available therapy."