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FACP. Colegio de médicos de Tarragona Nº 4305520 / fgcapriles@gmail.com


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domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013


"The CRASH-3 trial is a large, international, randomised, placebo controlled trial, to quantify the safety and effect on mortality and morbidity of the administration of tranexamic acid in patients with TBI. Adults with TBI, who are within eight hours of injury, with any intracranial bleeding on CT scan or who have a GCS of 12 or less, and have no significant extra-cranial haemorrhage, are eligible for inclusion, except those for whom antifibrinolytic agents are thought to be clearly indicated or clearly contra-indicated. Treatment will be allocated randomly and numbered drug /placebo packs will be available in participating hospitals. The primary outcome will be death in hospital within 28 days of injury (cause of death will be described). Outcomes will be assessed at death, discharge or 28 days after randomisation, whichever occurs first."