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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

TOPs 2013 (del blogroll)

These articles have been chosen as Annals' Editors' Top Selections because our editors consider them to be of particular interest or value to readers. They are provided in full text for free access to all readers on our Web site for 6 months, even those viewers who are not ACEP members or print subscribers.



MDLinx is proud to present the 2013 Top Read Articles!

The MDLinx medical editorial team has scoured the top read articles of 2013 from among 2,000 top peer-reviewed journals and medical popular press to deliver the following list. Keep current in your specialty, and keep pace with your colleagues, by making sure you have reviewed the top 20 most read articles this year!
2013 was a big year for Read by QxMD. We reached more than 2.5 million papers discovered and saw rapid growth on both iOS and our web app.
With such a large amount of engagement, we thought you’d be interested in the papers that attracted the most attention in 2013. Perhaps surprisingly, the most popular articles articles weren’t just those that highlighted new research. In fact, many of our most popular articles were those that are landmark pieces of research from prior years that are still changing practice, or fantastic review articles that makes practicing medicine just a little simpler.
Kudos to all the authors found on this list (starting from most popular to 50th most popular, out of millions of PubMed citations)
Happy Holidays from the ALiEM team! During this time of year, it is always good to take stock of your life. At Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM), we decided to reflect of the life of the blog by generating our Year in Review 2013. First, thank you to each of you. Your time, comments, tweets, and feedback are what make this blog successful and dynamic as an educational resource.We appreciate your continued readership and engagement.
2013 has been an amazing year for FOAM and the Emergency Medicine and Critical Care community as it branches out into the online space.
Dr. Ken Milne of The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine series has kindly summarized his 42 podcasts from this year and is releasing the summary download PDF as a free holiday gift! He also lists the best podcast picks for the year in his year-end blog post. 

As we celebrate the year just ending, and welcome in 2014, let’s pause and remember some of the articles in the field of medical toxicology that most impressed TPR during 2013. The following 7 papers are listed in chronological order (links connect to TPR‘s discussion of each article)


As the Editor-in-Chief of iMedicalApps, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the innovation that happens year after year in the medical categories of the App Stores. Over the past month, I’ve been doing an exhaustive review of all of the iOS medical apps released in 2013, and I’ve gathered a list of the best medical apps released in the calendar year. In this post I’ll just focus on the 10 best quick reference medical apps I’ve found. In subsequent posts I’ll focus on other key categories.