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jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Nuevos scores: BISAP, EHMRG, ORT

ALiEM - By Graham alker, MD | February 6th, 2014
"Let’s face it. You’ve heard about the A-a gradient. And free water deficit. And even the APACHE-II score. But how useful are these in your daily practice? You don’t care that much if a patient has shunt physiology in the first case, nor exactly how much free water they’re lacking in the second. And in the third case, your clinical acumen is probably pretty good at predicting a sick patient’s mortality already. But what about the new medical scores of BISAP, EHMRG, and ORT?
We’ve been adding tons of equations since we launched our new MDCalc site — 20 and counting! — but we realized if you don’t know about what’s out there, you’ll never know to use it. Here are three that I find particularly useful in Emergency Medicine"