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Monday, March 3, 2014

Cambios en la práctica

R.E.B.E.L.M. EM - 03 Mar 2014
"Recently, I have been asked if there are any studies that have been performed over the past few years that should shape the way emergency medicine physicians should practice and can greatly improve patient care. So I asked some of my friends and colleagues if there are any studies that stick out in their minds. Below is a list of four game changers in emergency medicine that others felt were of importance."

"Take Home Points
  1. The ADAPT Trial: Patients with an ECG without ischemic changes, TIMI score of 0, and Negative sensitive Tn I at 0 and 2 hours = safe for discharge and follow up as outpatient within 30 days
  2. CT Performed Within 6 Hours of Onset of Headache in the Diagnosis of SAH: 3rd generation or newer CT scanners are extremely sensitive in identifying SAH when performed within 6 hours of headache onset and read by staff neuroradiologists, but would like to see more validation studies.
  3. Antiemetics in Acute Gastroetnertitis: Ondansetron is the best treatment to allow oral rehydration therapy in children with acute gastroenteritis
  4. Targeted Therapeutic Hypothermia: There may be a select group that would benefit from therapeutic hypothermia, but for now a “scoop and run” approach with no therapeutic hypothermia in the prehospital setting seems to be the best evidence"