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jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014


MarylandCCProject - 03/27/2014
"Dr. Neal Porter is an Assistant Professor of Neurology here at the University of Maryland with a special clinical focus on neurophysiology. Over the last twenty years, Dr Porter has mastered the topic of ICU polyneuromyopathy and has used this knowledge to be one of the national experts in the field. Additionally, he consistently makes himself available here at Maryland (even WELL after hours) as the ”go to” expert when it comes to evaluation and management of the weak critical ill patient. Today he is gracious enough to take us into his world and explain the simplistic and systematic way he approaches every case of weakness in the ICU. This is a talk you CANNOT miss as that next case of botulism might sneak in through your door any moment!!!

SUMMARY: Guide to Acute Weakness
  • Generalized areflexia: GBS, Botulism
  • Decent reflexes: MG, Myopathy
  • Abnormal eye movements: GBS, MG, Botulism
  • Sky high CK: Myopathies (inflammatory or toxin induced)"