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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lesiones traumáticas perdidas

P. Stawicki and D. E. Lindsey. OPUS 12 Scientist 2009 (3); 2: 35-43
"The ultimate goal in trauma resuscitation is to promptly identify  and treat all injuries. Despite clinical and technological advances in diagnosis and treatment of trauma patients, missed  injuries continue to significantly affect modern trauma services. Delayed diagnosis and missed injuries have the potential to exacerbate the severity of the initial insult, and may result in  permanent disability or even mortality. Moreover, missed injuries add significantly to length of hospitalization and overall costs of trauma patient care. This article will discuss common themes associated with missed injuries, and will highlight steps that practitioners can take to minimize delays in diagnosis and to reduce the number of missed injuries. This article begins with basic definitions, followed by a discussion of literature pertaining to, and factors associated with, missed injuries. We will then focus on specific mechanisms and injury patterns, as well as the corresponding injury-specific diagnostic and treatment pitfalls that have to be considered in order to avoid missed injuries."

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