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Scott Weingart. EMCrit RACC Podcast 217 – The Ultimate “Ultimate” BVM. EMCrit Blog. Published on February 5, 2018. Available at [https://emcrit.org/racc/ultimate-bvm/ ]

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viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014


Maryland CC Project  - Sept 16, 2014 - John Greenwood
"Dr. Amal Mattu is a master of many things, one of them being the EKG. We were fortunate enough to have him teach about something that are seen all the time, regardless of where you work (ED, ICU, outpatient office). The lecture was jam packed with pearls as usual. In stead of posting last week’s lecture, we’ve decided to put in a huge plug for Amal’s EKG website – ekg.umem.org where he posts clinical EKG lessons & pearls for FREE every Monday.
If you live under a ROCK and haven’t visited his site before, do yourself a favor and subscribe to these weekly talks, most of which are all under 10 minutes. Regular reading from this site will save a life – guaranteed.
In order to interpret tachydysrhythmias, you need to ask only THREE questions:

  • Is the QRS narrow or wide
  • Is the QRS regular or irregular
  • Are there P waves (what’s the atrium doing)?"