Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Medscape Top Life-Saving EM Articles

Medscape Emergency Medicine - By Amal Mattu, MD - December 19, 2014
"The past year has once again been an outstanding one for emergency medicine (EM) research. When I solicited my colleagues for their opinions on the best and most useful journal publications of the year, I received more than three dozen selections to consider, ranging from topics on deadly conditions such as sepsis and cardiac arrest to more benign everyday conditions such as pharyngitis and corneal abrasions.
Although I found all of the articles to be useful, I had to narrow my selections. I'll make the usual disclaimer that these are not necessarily the best articles from a methodological standpoint, but they are practice-changing and focus on high-risk conditions where lives are at stake.
These are the guidelines, reviews, and research articles from 2014 that I believe will help save lives. My summaries will be brief, and I encourage readers to seek further details from the articles themselves."