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lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Pericarditis: tratamiento

SOCMOB Blog - January 17, 2015
"This post contains a pocket card for the evidence based diagnosis and treatment of pericarditis as of 2014. This came up after a recent U of C EM Journal Club in which the residents commented that there was just too much to remember with regard to the use of colchicine, it’s dosing, contraindications, etc. when treating pericarditis on shift.
You can take a look at my post reviewing the evidence on colchicine for pericarditis over at REBEL:EM, as well as the recent Calgary journal club review of Imazio’s ICAP paper, here.
This card will serve as a quick resource which you can put into your evernote or download onto your phone as a pdf file for on shift use.
Disclaimer: Everything here is evidence based, but the dosing of NSAID or ASA has not been compared/optimized in studies. The listed dosing regimens are my own suggested ones, but feel free to modify as you see fit."