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martes, 17 de febrero de 2015


The use of extracorporeal purification specifically for drug poisoning has existed in the clinical practice for over 70 years. Unfortunately, the evidence remains limited to reviews, opinions, commentaries, and case reports which are susceptible to biases and confounders. Randomized trials and comprehensive systematic reviews are inexistent. Furthermore, the toxicokinetic measurements and calculations in published reports are often imprecise, incomplete or incorrect; this limits the interpretation of the effect of extracorporeal treatments (ECTRs)...

To perform systematic reviews on the use of ECTRs in various poisonings. The literature search will not be limited by date of publication or language. 
To provide clinical recommendations on the use of ECTRs in poisoning, including criteria for indication, cessation, and choice of ECTR. The process will strive to be reproducible, robust, consistent, and transparent, according to the most rigorous methodology for guideline publication.
To publish guidelines for prospective data collection, calculations, and data reporting to assist clinicians, authors and reviewers.
To offer tools and collaboration for multicentric research opportunities."