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Here is a great video summarizing hemodynamic issues in airway management

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martes, 24 de marzo de 2015

Errores en Medicina de Emergencia

EM Didactic - March 23, 2015 - By Lakshay Chanana
"Cognitive errors underlie most diagnostic errors that are made in the ED. And with time I have realised that our speciality is a vulnerable one, because we often commit some errors (delayed diagnosis, missed diagnosis, unnecessary imaging) which look like no-brainers to people upstairs in the ICUs and wards. Then why do we commit such errors?
May be because as everyone else, we often have a tendency to pursue more readily attainable goals.
This is a topic in medicine which is rarely talked about, despite being a really important one for patient safety. These errors are universal but since we are often the first responders as Emergency Physicians, the brunt falls on us and we face the limelight. So, we need to find out a way to minimise these errors by developing a conceptual framework and strategies in this critical aspect of patient safety."