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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Disección aórtica

Resultado de imagen de emergency physician monthly
Emergency Physicians Monthly - by Cedric Lefebvre, on May 29, 2015
"Despite this new tool, AAD remains a difficult diagnosis in the emergency department
Acute Thoracic Aortic Dissection (AAD) is rare (3.5/100,000 pts/year) and mimics other very common conditions (3/1000 ED patients with chest or back pain). But, once diagnosed, in-hospital mortality is reported to be up to 27%. The low incidence of the condition and lack of substantial research on ED diagnosis, are responsible for the lack of ED population-based clinical decision rules or low-risk stratification parameters.
In early 2015, ACEP released its clinical policy on the evaluation and management of adults with ‘suspected’ non-traumatic AAD. The key word here is of course ‘suspected’—and that word is exactly our diagnostic dilemma: in those patients with acute chest (or abdominal or back) pain, when should we suspect AAD as the cause? By highlighting key elements of the ACEP guidelines, we will focus on the inherent strengths and limitations of current clinical information". Click here to read the guidelines.