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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Muertes al alta


emDocs - July 7, 2015 - Author: Betz A // Edited by: Koyfman A & Bright J
"Death after discharge from the Emergency Department (ED) is an uncommon but nonetheless highly concerning event. Discharge from the ED, on the other-hand, is a frequent event, with over 80% of ED visits culminating in discharge to home or non-acute care.That number may be increasing with more pressure to find alternatives to inpatient admissions. Discharge from the ED is a vulnerable time for patients, and it is a high-stakes time for both patients and providers...
Factors associated with early death after discharge
Both patient factors and process of care factors have been identified in early death after ED discharge. Patient factors associated with death within 7 days of ED discharge include older age, male gender, abnormal vital signs, recent fall in elderly, atypical presentation of a low-prevalence condition, chronic disease with decompensation, and/or mental disability, psychiatric problem or substance abuse.
Unexpected early death after discharge is an adverse outcome that we may be able to impact without radical changes to our practice. With increased insight into the factors associated with death within 7 days of ED discharge there are some strategies we can employ to identify high-risk patients and avoid pitfalls in ED disposition."