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lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015


Medical Concept: Delirium tips and tools
Posted by Martin Badowski on 2015, 09, 07
"Delirium is an important clinical entity to recognize due to its association with mortality rate and the high miss rate within the ED. Delirium exists as a spectrum from hypoactive to hyperactive presentations, which makes it difficult to diagnose. The differential diagnoses for delirium is extensive, and we must have a good knowledge of a wide variety of causes. In terms of diagnosis, have a high clinical suspicion for delirium in all elderly who present to the ED. There are multiple tools available to help you diagnose delirium. Although no one tool currently exists which has been extensively validated, the CAM and the CAM-ICU may be the most helpful tools to include in your diagnostic toolbox for delirium."