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Update from the K-Hole: Ketamine in the ED

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sábado, 24 de octubre de 2015

Des-resucitación y balace líquido positivo

LITFL - Revised and reviewed 12 July 2015
  • De-resuscitation specifically refers to ‘Late Goal Directed Fluid Removal (LGFR)’, which involves “aggressive and active fluid removal by means of diuretics and renal replacement therapy with net ultrafiltration” (Malbrain et al, 2014)
  • De-resuscitation is also sometimes used to more loosely refer to the the phase of critical illness and/or the care of a critically ill patient, after initial resuscitation and stabilisation. It is characterised by the discontinuation of invasive therapies and a transition to a negative fluid balance.
  • Late conservative fluid management (LCFM) is defined as two consecutive days of negative fluid balance within the first week of ICU stay, and is an independent predictor of survival in ICU patients (Malbrain et al, 2014)"