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viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

Taquicardia ventricular

emDocs -  November 5, 2015 - By Anad Swaminatha
There are a number of algorithms that can be used to diagnose VT with the Brugada criteria being the most widely used. The derivation study of this algorithm found a sensitivity of 98.7% and specificity of 96.5%. (Brugada 1991). However, the study was not performed under ED circumstances (patients were taken off cardiac meds prior to EKG, not acute presentations etc). There is no algorithm that has 100% sensitivity or specificity.
Take Home Points:
  1. In the patient with a regular, wide-complex tachydysrhythmia, it is safer to treat the patient as VT.
  2. Consider VT mimics when the rate is < 120 bpm.
  3. Although chemical cardioversion is an option, electrical cardioversion should be considered in stable VT as it is safe, more effective and more rapid in returning the patient to sinus rhythm."