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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Top 10 Stories (EM Resident)

Resultado de imagen de EMRA EM resident
By EM Residents - 12/28/2015
"From clinical questions to Big Life discussions, you clicked and shared your way through EM Resident 2015. We’re looking forward to keeping the conversation going in the new year. Follow us on Twitter (@emresidents) and stay in touch!
Now, on to the countdown. The top 10 stories of 2015 were. . .
  1. Solo Sodium: Emergent Management of Symptomatic Hyponatremia. Ryan Cooper, MD, and David Snow, MD, MSC
  2. One Shift. Samuel Zidovetzki, MD
  3. Introducing Your New EMRA Leaders
  4. Resuscitation and the Humeral Intraosseous Line. Justin Stimac, MD
  5. Wake-up Call: Fear and Empathy in Emergencies. Jamie Santistevan, MD
  6. A Perspective on Diversity from the Outside in Emergency Medicine Training. Breanne Bailey, MD
  7. Social Emergency Medicine: It’s What We Do. Charles Justin Hall, DO
  8. The Graduate Medical Educational Merger: Dispelling the Myths. Leonard Stallings, MD, and Andrew Little, DO
  9. Diagnosing the Match: Trends in the Applicant Selection Process. Zach Jarou, MD, and Adam Kellogg, MD
  10. Post-Intubation Hemodynamic Collapse in the Critically Ill Patient. Naomi George, MD"