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Saturday, January 9, 2016

2015: LIFT R&R Best

"Welcome to the Research and Reviews in the Fastlane Best of 2015. R&R in the Fastlane is a free resource that harnesses the power of social media to allow some of the best and brightest emergency medicine and critical care clinicians from all over the world tell us what they think is worth reading from the published literature.
This edition contains 12 recommended reads culled from the hundreds of recommendations over the year. They represent our favorite articles of the year and are listed in no particular order. The R&R Editorial Team includes Jeremy Fried, Nudrat Rashid, Soren Rudolph, Anand Swaminathan and, of course, Chris Nickson. Find more R&R in the Fastlane reviews in the R&R Archive, read more about the R&R project or check out the full list of R&R contributors.
Finally, we would like to get more take advantage of the robust FOAM community on LITFL and crowdsource articles YOU think are important for us to review and include. If you’ve got an article recommendation email, tweet or just post to the comments."