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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015: LITFL CCC Top Ten

Life in The Fastlane - Critical Care Compendium - By Chris Nickson
"The resource is a comprehensive collection of more than 1,650 pages concisely covering the core topics and controversies of critical care.
“We have defined “critical care medicine” as the triad of 1) resuscitation, 2) emergency care for life-threatening conditions, and 3) intensive care; including all components of the emergency and critical care medicine delivery system, prehospital and hospital.”
— Peter Safar, 1974
The CCC homepage/ search page was viewed over 90,000 times in 2015. It is particularly useful for those studying for the CICM Fellowship exam (though there are many topics outside the scope of the exam!). It also has a broader appeal to other critical care and emergency medicine practitioners.Following on from the 13th CCC Update, here is a list of the Top 10 pages, in terms of total pageviews (shown in brackets), for the CCC in 2015:
I’m not sure what this list means. Are these the hot topics in critical care? Are they core knowledge? Are these the topics trainees (and others…) most want to know about, need to look up or have trouble getting to grips with? Is it a quirk of search engine optimisation or because the link to one another? Perhaps, all of the above…"