Thursday, February 18, 2016

Low Risk Chest Pain

R.E.B.E.L.EM - February 18, 2016
"Chest Pain (CP) is a very common complaint seen in emergency departments around the world. In the US specifically anywhere from 8 – 10 million patients present to the ED complaining of CP. Many use liberal testing strategies to prevent missing acute coronary syndrome (ACS) or other major adverse cardiac events (MACE), but this is not without increase in healthcare cost and false positive testing leading to more downstream testing. In recent years there have been several diagnostic protocols developed to help determine a portion of these patients as low risk to facilitate early discharge, prevent this over testing, while still having a >99% NPV for MACE at 30 days...

Clinical Bottom Line:
  • Clinical Judgment = HEART Score 0 – 3 minus caveats discussed
  • Relevant Scientific Evidence = External Validation of HEART Score 0 – 3 + Cardiac Troponin at 0 and 3 hours
  • Patient Values and Preferences = Shared Decision Making"