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Friday, February 19, 2016

Must Read EM Journal Articles

Resultado de imagen de Academic Life in emergency Medicine
ALiEM - By allison Trop - February 19th, 2016
"In November 2013, the blog post 52 Articles in 52 weeks: Landmark EM Articles for EM interns was published on the ALiEM site. Over the subsequent years, many ground-breaking and practice-changing articles have been published. As part of a multi-institutional initiative launched by the ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator (“The Crincubator”), 9 chief residents from across the country pooled together lists of journal articles thought to be most important for the broad spectrum of EM learners. Additional input was obtained from FOAM leaders across the country including Dr. Ryan Radecki and Dr. Jeffrey Kline. These lists can be used by individuals for further learning or by residency programs for journal clubs.
These selected journal articles were not restricted to those solely published in the last 2 years, but included groundbreaking articles regardless of their publication date. Lists were then created based on their relevance for junior residents and senior residents/attending physicians. Another list was created which includes controversial hot topics. Each list contains 12 sections to provide a monthly reading list for the individual EM practitioner or longitudinal curriculum for residency programs (e.g. monthly journal clubs). Although these lists are by no means comprehensive, they do cover a large breadth of topics relevant to all EM practitioners.
Special mention contributors: Dr. Casey Hand and Dr. Joe Kennedy"