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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Palliative Care in the ED

An online community of practice for Canadian EM physicians
CanadiaEM - February 24, 2016
"As part of CanadiEM’s effort to keep our content relevant, on Thursdays we publish revised versions of our classic posts with updates made as needed. This post on palliative care originally appeared on January 27, 2013 and was inspired by a presentation from Dr. Leneela Sharma, an emergency physician practicing in Edmonton, Alberta with additional training in this area. It was updated on February 24, 2016.
Dr. Sharma’s presentations helped me to realize that my education on palliative care was extremely lacking. I never completed a palliative rotation in medical school and this was the first lecture on the subject that I had in residency. The FOAM literature (FOAMiture?) on this topic has improved over the years with several reflective pieces like these ones by torontoemerg blog and storytellERdoc, a podcast on EMCrit about end-of-life care, and the extensive GeriPal blog by @GeriPalBlog. (Please let me know if I missed anything else so I can add and learn from it!)
With many thanks to Dr. Sharma who encouraged us to disseminate her teaching in any way I could, I will be borrowing heavily from her presentation to work through her 4 step approach to the palliative patient in the ED. But first: what is palliative care and why does it matter in the ED?"