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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Management of Major Bleeding

The European Guideline on Management on Major Bleeding
St.Emlyn´s - April 20, 2016 - By Iain Beardsell
"After my recent, hugely enjoyable, trip to Austria and attendance at the “notfallmedizin 2016” where, as well as doing a talk about FOAMed, I chaired a session on “Volume and Coagulation” I became aware that the view of our colleagues in mainland Europe about some aspects of resuscitation of traumatically injured patients may differ from ours in the UK. Reference was made there to the European Guideline on management of major bleeding and coagulopathy follow trauma: 4th Edition” by some speakers and this was published a few days ago...
...Many of the recommendations are not controversial: time between injury and bleeding control should be minimised (1B); use of tourniquets to stop life threatening bleeding (1B); avoidance of hypoxaemia (1A) for example, but the recommendation for choice of resuscitation fluid will come as a surprise to many UK readers.