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jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

Selective Aortic Arch Perfusion

Intensive Care Network

icn - 26/04/16 - By Kate Reynolds
"Summary: Jim Manning (at SMACC 2015)
Selective Aortic Arch Perfusion (SAAP) is an endovascular-extracorporeal perfusion resuscitation technique designed specifically to treat cardiac arrest. SAAP involves the blind insertion of a large-lumen balloon occlusion catheter into the descending thoracic aortic arch via a femoral artery. With the SAAP catheter balloon inflated in the thoracic aorta, the heart and brain are relatively isolated for resuscitative perfusion through the SAAP catheter lumen with an oxygen-carrying fluid (such as blood, hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier or fluorocarbon emulsion). SAAP promotes restoration of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) by the heart while protecting the brain from further ischemic insult. SAAP can be used to treat both hemorrhage-induced traumatic cardiac arrest and medical, non-traumatic cardiac arrest..."