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Friday, April 15, 2016

Transgender Health in the ED

EMOttawa - By Stephanie Barnes 
"Trans awareness is currently at an all time high, helped by portrayals in award winning shows such as Orange is the New Black and Transparent, and also by the recent public transition of Caitlyn Jenner. 
Transgender health is also an emerging area of research, and has also been getting more publicity, including in the world of Emergency Medicine. Trans people make up an estimated 0.5% of the population, and as frontline healthcare workers it is important that we learn about some of the special needs of our trans patients so that we can create an inclusive environment and provide great care. An Ontario study found that because of negative experiences that trans people had with the healthcare system, 21% had avoided the ED despite feeling that they needed emergency care...
Take Home Points
  • It is important to utilize pronouns that correlate to the patient's felt gender, and if you're unsure, to ask the patient how they would prefer to be referred. 
  • Trans people may be on a multitude of medications or therapies, and so it is important to be cognizant of how these will influence their baseline risk for various disease entities. 
  • It is important to be cognizant of the potential for violence and abuse within this population, and to ask appropriate questions when concerns are identified or raised."