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viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

BUHE for Emergent Intubation

Core EM - By Ben Cleary
Emergent endotracheal intubation has risks of complications including hypoxia, pulmonary aspiration, and prolonged time to intubation. Previous studies from the anesthesiology literature suggests that bed-up head-elevated (BUHE) positioning is associated with improved glottic views and prolonged apnea time. Using this positioning method could lead to decreased complication rates with emergent intubation.
Clinical Question
Is a head-elevated patient position associated with decreased complication rates in emergent tracheal intubation in the ward and intensive care unit?...

Bottom Line
This retrospective, observational study demonstrated a lower odds of intubation-related complications in patients placed in the BUHE position for emergent intubation."