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Thursday, May 5, 2016

EM leader in social media and medical education

Ice_Banner updated Nov_11_2015
ICE - June 24, 2014 - By Michelle Lin
"There are a myriad of free and commercial blogs, podcasts, and websites in the field of emergency medicine (EM). In 2002, there were only 2 blogs and 1 podcast publicly available. In 2013, this skyrocketed to 141 blogs and 42 podcasts. Today it continues to grow exponentially, seemingly disproportionate to most other medical specialties. But why? What is the secret sauce?
Having grown my educational blog Academic Life in Emergency Medicine over the past five years, I have reflected and narrowed it down to 8 reasons. These reasons collectively seem to make emergency physicians a natural fit to lead the social media wave in medical education...
  1. We are uncomfortable with the unknown
  2. We work 24-7 alongside our learners.
  3. Our busy work environment constantly pushes us to think how to work more efficiently.
  4. Emergency medicine is a young specialty
  5. Early pioneers in social media-based education are emergency physicians
  6. Ability to be extroverted
  7. EM is a hierarchically flat, team-based specialty
  8. We rarely get and appreciate good feedback."