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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Misuse and over-diagnosis in POCUS

EDE Blog
Greg Hall • May 20, 2016 
"As Steve Socransky recently observed, talking about errors in POCUS is a sign of the growing maturity in the field. In its infancy, we wanted to promote the success stories, the wins, the need to do it right with rigorous training and standards.
There were numerous logistical and political obstacles to overcome so this positive attitude was understandable. There was the fear that POCUS would be taken away from us if we weren’t careful about minimizing bad outcomes. However, this puts a damper on discussing our errors and misses and learning from what went wrong. Now we feel comfortable enough that it is time to explore errors and misuse.
Rather than dwell on technical errors specific to ultrasound, I thought it would be interesting to discuss more broad-based errors that are common to most areas of practice...
Thus having a clear clinical question to answer, having a thorough differential, and having a plan to incorporate findings into the care plan is important before applying the probe. Don’t let POCUS make the decision for you."