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lunes, 20 de junio de 2016

5 Things specialties don´t understand about ED

The Rolobot Rambles
The Rolobot Rambles - 67th  #WILTW
Ed appears to be the cause of many problems. He missed the sepsis, the hairline fracture and the pneumonia. All on one shift. To make it worse no-one ever pronounces his name right either. It’s the “E” “D” people say. And then roll their eyes.
My colleagues and I spend a lot of time debugging problems caused by Ed. The last clinical conversation I had before going on leave last week was about Ed and why other specialities seem to dislike him so much. It was with this in mind that I spent a bit of time mulling over what I could do to help him. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog entitled “5 referral tips what won’t annoy a paediatrician.” While it proved popular with paediatricians I realise it was potentially an example of further implicit tribalism against Ed.
  1. Ed is not one person
  2. Ed must be a jack of all trades and is a servant to all
  3. Ed manages unwell patients
  4. Ed likes to learn
  5. Ed manages increasingly, and more often than not, appropriately expectant patients, parents and carers