Thursday, June 23, 2016

US for retained radiolucent FB

emDocs - June 22, 2016 - Author: Alerhand S - Edited by: Koyfman A
"How to Perform Ultrasound of Soft Tissue to Visualize A Retained Foreign Body
  • Use linear transducer (7.5 to 10 MHz) to scan in both longitudinal and transverse orientations.
  • Water bath can enhance visualization.
  • The FB appears hyperechoic with surrounding hypoechoic rim (inflammatory reaction if retained for > 24 hours).
  • Wood or plastic FB usually produce posterior shadowing.
  • Metal FB usually produces reverberation or comet tail artifact.
  • Visualization is more difficult if FB is adjacent to bone or deep to subcutaneous tissue
  • False positives: calcification, scar tissue, fresh hematoma, air trapped in soft tissues. However, these can often be correlated clinically.
  • Measure the depth of FB from skin surface.
  • Mark the skin for FB removal if indicated, while noting surrounding vessels and nerves"
water bath
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