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Monday, July 4, 2016

Beta-Blockers for Cocaine and other Stimulant Toxicity

Resultado de imagen de life in the fast lane
Life in The Fast Lane - By John Richards - July 4, 2016
"For the past 3 decades, this contraindication has persisted despite many who have questioned it, such as Freeman, Leikin, Page, Finkel, Mariani, and Schurr. I decided to do a comprehensive systematic review of the topic, which had surprisingly never been done before. I asked the authors of the previous “unopposed alpha-stimulation” studies and reports to join me, as well as some of the most vocal critics of beta-blockers for stimulant toxicity. Ramoska and Lange, plus several other prominent toxicologists, cardiologists, and emergency physicians signed on. None of the critics agreed to join for various reasons. We published two systematic reviews, one for amphetamine and related derivatives, and one for cocaine. It was surprising how many high-quality studies had been done with stimulant-positive subjects who were treated with beta-blockers. For cocaine there were 50 studies and case reports with a total of 1,744 patients, with the 7 aforementioned adverse treatment events..."