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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Does EPO improve OOHCA outcomes

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St.Emlyn’s - By Simon Carley July 3, 2016
"...It’s another disappointing study for those of us interested in cerebral protection post OOHCA. Here at St.Emlyn’s we think it’s important to report negative trials as well as positive ones. This is a reasonably well designed study that again tells us that there is no magic bullet on the market for neuroprotection, but we must remember that we are not helpless. There are many aspects of care that we can deliver to improve post OOHCA care. The absence of a magic medicine just means that we need to continue to do the basics (and the not so basics) as well as we can. So don’t be disheartened. Keep doing the very best you can for your OOHCA patients.
Have a listen to Scott Wengart’s talk from SMACC Chicago on Intra-arrest care. You might not believe in everything he says, but feel the need to constantly improve, look for small gains and forever doing the best you can."