Saturday, July 2, 2016

Geriatricize Your ED

GEMCAST - Posted on June 29, 2016
"Geriatric EDs, or Senior EDs, have been popping up around the country. The idea behind them is that having a separate space, a distinct staff, and specialized protocols, can help provide better care to older adults. However, for many EDs and hospital systems this is simply not feasible. In this episode, Chris Carpenter(@GeriatricEDnews) presents five high-yield, low-cost ways that those of us working in non-senior EDs can take some of the principles of geriatric emergency medicine and apply them either to our own practice or implement them in our own EDs, without a lot of funding. For more about Geriatric EDs, check out this ALiEM blog post...
  1. Distinguish Geriatric ED Model from Traditional Model  (Geriatric ED Guidelines)
  2. Functional Assessment
  3. Cognitive Assessment
  4. Polypharmacy
  5. Transitions of Care

To learn more about many of the Geriatric EM ideas and concepts discussed here, check out the site, where you can also get free CME."