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sábado, 30 de julio de 2016

Performance under pressure

First 10EM - Justin Morgenstern - March 23, 2016
Posted March 23, 2016
"I started this blog having never heard of ‘mental practice’. It was just something that I did; something that made sense to me. It turns out, mental rehearsal is actually supported by some evidence. Today’s post is a brief review of our performance under pressure, mental practice, and how I think First10EM is best used...
The core content of First10EM is a series of approaches to life threatening presentations in emergency medicine. The blog posts represent what I think is the best approach – after reviewing multiple textbooks, publications, and FOAM resources – for me, considering my skills and the resources available to me at my hospital. The approaches I publish are not meant to be universal. They are guides. Hopefully, they are useful, but to be used properly, they should be adapted to your own skills and setting."