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domingo, 31 de julio de 2016

Procainamide vs Amiodarone for VT

The Bottom Line - July 29, 2016 - By David Slessor
"Clinical Question 
In patients with wide QRS (probably ventricular) tachycardia, does intravenous procainamide compared with intravenous amiodarone reduce major adverse cardiac events? 
Authors’ Conclusions 
For the treatment of the acute episode of sustained monomorphic well-tolerated wide QRS tachycardia (probably VT), procainamide therapy was associated with less major cardiac adverse events and a higher proportion of tachycardia termination within 40 min. 
The Bottom Line 

The results of this trial suggest an improved safety profile and efficacy of 10mg/kg intravenous procainamide over 20mins when compared with 5mg/kg intravenous amiodarone over 20mins in tolerated wide complex tachycardia."