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Monday, July 11, 2016

Teaching Trainees at Different Levels in the ED

An online community of practice for Canadian EM physicians
CanadiEM - By Nadim Lalani - July 7, 2016
"Like many institutions, we have a mix of EM resident learners rotating through our departments. Expectations and competencies of junior learner differ greatly from that of a senior learner. 
For Example:
  • PGY 1 – Focus on clinical skills e.g. Xray reading and procedures
  • PGY2-4 – Focus on more challenging patient encounters e.g. medical and procedural management of the septic patient
  • PGY 5 – Focus on managerial roles e.g. taking referrals from family doctors
At our recent Faculty Development Workshop my brilliant colleague – Dr Rob Woods gave an engaging presentation on teaching senior learners in the ED. He subsequently facilitated an impromptu crowd-sourcing of the participants. The result was the derivation of an easy-to-apply rubric for expectations for trainees at different levels in the ED. We hope you find it useful..."
Table of equivalent trainee levels from different residency programs