Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Diagnostic Reasoning

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CanadiEM - By Jonathan Sherbino - August 23, 2016
"On May 24th, 2016, Dr. Jonathan Sherbino of McMaster University was invited to speak at Grand Rounds at the University of Saskatchewan on the topic of diagnostic reasoning. His presentation explained how physicians think of a diagnosis and how we can teach learners cognitive strategies to improve their diagnostic reasoning. This blog post has taken that wisdom and (hopefully) captured it in blog post form as the first blog edition of CanadiEM National Rounds...
When it comes to a diagnosis, your gut might be right. Teach your learners and give them more experience in the ED.
What to take away:
  • Hindsight bias can mislead us into overestimating the rate of cognitive bias.
  • Going slow makes you slow
  • Structured Reflection Strategies do not help the Junior Learner but may help the experienced clinician
  • There is no evidence that cognitive forcing strategies help in the ED
  • Ensure your learners gain experience in the ED!!!"