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Saturday, August 13, 2016

ED Deaths Rates Fall

AJMC - August 8, 2016 - By Jackie Syrop
"Between 1997 and 2011 there was a nearly 50% drop in emergency department (ED) mortality rates for US adults, most likely because of advances in palliative, prehospital, and emergency care, according to a new study published in the July 2016 issue of Health Affairs. The study found that ED mortality rates decreased from 1.48 per thousand in 1997 to 0.77 per thousand US adults in 2011, a 48% reduction. There was no significant change in inpatient hospital mortality from 2005 to 2011, even though the rate peaked in 2009...
The researchers believe there are several possible explanations for the substantial downward trend in ED mortality:
  • Patients may be surviving only until admitted as inpatients.
  • Palliative care is playing an increasing role in dying patients’ lives, with more patients dying in hospice settings outside acute care hospitals and the ED.
  • Witholding or terminating resuscitation efforts in the prehospital setting could also contribute to the reduction in ED mortality. A drop in ED mortality could be the result of patients with cardiac arrest no longer being transported to the hospital.
  • ED visit rates increased substantially for both Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Improvements in emergency medicine and public health could also help explain the drop in ED mortality.
  • Continued public health achievements, including smoking cessation and motor vehicle safety, may have played a role in the trend."