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Friday, August 12, 2016

EM Interview (CaRMS)

An online community of practice for Canadian EM physicians
CanadiEM - By Nadim Lalani - August 11, 2016
"In the Canadian Residency Matching Service(CaRMS) applicants apply to all programs and, if selected for interview, rank these programs. The residency programs also rank all the interviewees [which is becoming increasingly difficult]. The computer spits out a match.
In bull riding, the rider is matched to the bull randomly before the competition, however, since 2008 some ranked riders are allowed to choose their own bulls from a bull draft for selected rounds in PBR events.
It may seem random, but like pro bull riders you can get an edge by following these simple rules. Interestingly, an article by Yousuf and Jones about the recent US Ophthalmology Residency Match Program (OMP) supports what I have been telling nervous medical students for years: students that match tend to be more accomplished and have put themselves out there...
In the end, if you have honestly done everything that you could and didn’t match, that’s called karma. For some reason your life is going in a different direction. Pause, reflect, talk to mentors and move on. You WILL end up somewhere in a discipline in which you will thrive – trust me. (Click image)