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FACP. Colegio de médicos de Tarragona Nº 4305520 / fgcapriles@gmail.com


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viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016


"The European Resuscitation Council and The European Board of Anaesthesiology recommend a standard Cardiac Arrest call telephone number in European hospitals. The European Resuscitation Council and the European Board of Anaesthesiology recommend that all European Hospitals standardise the internal telephone number used for a cardiac arrest call* to the number 2222. It makes inherent logical sense that a standard cardiac arrest call number should be engrained in the minds of all doctors and nurses. Confusion by staff trying to summon the resuscitation team can lose precious time and put patients' lives at risk. Since 2004 this standard number has already been successfully adopted in several European countries and because of the increasing free movement of healthcare staff around Europe it will be an extremely low cost measure to increase Patient Safety"