Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Critical Care in the ED

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September 5, 2016 - By Pondering EM 
"Last week I attended ‘Critical Care in the Emergency Department’ – a one-day course run by none other than Dr. Cliff Reid. 
Cliff describes the course as ‘the stuff I wish someone had told me as a registrar. A synthesis of my learning points in intensive care, prehospital & retrieval medicine, paediatric critical care, and being a front line ED doc for 20 years..."

  • Capnograph ‘hats and caps’
  • Capnography in cardiac arrest
  • Intubated patients ‘fighting the vent’ need analgesia and sedation
  • Optimal BVM ventilation technique
  • Top tips for first pass success during RSI
  • An RSI checklist is essential
  • Bougies are great
  • Actually, ED airways are often easy! Don’t believe the hype
  • Avoid becoming a ‘Propofol Assassin’
  • Conceptualising PEA/severe hypotension
  • ‘Worry-less Whypotension’
  • Bedside Echo – a crucial skill
  • Causes of a high lactate