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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Influenza mimics

NU-EM - By Klein M - Editedby: Huebinger R - Expert Commentary: Angarone M
Citation: [Peer-Reviewed, Web Publication] Klein M, Huebinger R (2016, September 27). Influenza Like Mimics [NUEM Blog. Expert Commentary By Angarone M]. Retrieved from http://www.nuemblog.com/blog/ili-mimics/
..."The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines “influenza like illness” (ILI) as temperature greater than 100˚F plus either cough or sore throat in the absence of a known cause other than influenza. In many studies, the influenza virus is identified in 25% or fewer patients with ILI. The differential diagnosis for nonspecific viral syndrome is vast. Amid the sea of patients presenting with constitutional symptoms, especially during the peak of flu season, emergency physicians need to efficiently assess for “sick vs not sick” while avoiding the risk of premature closure bias...
A few key elements of the patient’s history can help focus the differential:
  • Has the patient traveled recently?
  • Does the patient engage in any high risk behaviors?
  • Are other people around the patient sick as well?
  • Does the patient have a headache?
  • What medications is your patient taking?
...It is important to remember that not all influenza-like illnesses are influenza or a viral URI. The thoughtful consideration of infections beyond influenza or upper respiratory viruses for those presenting with ILI is important. The emergency department physician needs to be aware of the many mimics of ILI and those conditions that require further questioning or evaluation to make a diagnosis."