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domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2016

Transplant Emergencies (Part II)

emDocs - September 8, 2016 - Authors: Long B and Koyfman A - Edited by: Santistevan J
  • Beware the transplant patient: involve the transplant physician, transplant surgeon, and specific organ consultant for evaluation and management.
  • Renal complications post-transplant include infection, vascular obstruction, hematoma, ureteral obstruction, and lymphocele. Patients often present with edema, decreased urine output, and increased serum Cr.
  • Liver transplant complications include vascular obstruction, biliary conditions (stricture, leak, biliary stone, fluid collection), biloma, and stricture.
  • Cardiac transplant is associated with denervation, thus patients often do not present with chest pain, but symptoms of CHFincluding edema. Complications include vasculopathy with accelerated atherosclerosis and cardiac dysrhythmia.
  • Lung transplant requires three anastomotic connections. Patients may experience obstruction, vascular complications, phrenic nerve dysfunction, and pleural lining complications."